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2000-2003 Managing Own Software House

Developed web services technologies addressing CRM, Event Management, Corporate Directory Tools, and Content Management.

Ran a series of seminars on Extreme Programming.

Various assignments as Expert Witness. Lead the technical side of the Law of IT series of seminars.

Delivered seminar on Contract Negotiation.  Top

1998-2000 PHAROS Systems Limited

I was invited to be the CEO of the New Zealand company and of
Pharos Systems USA, Inc. I substantially restructured the company, negotiated
distributorships with large companies around the world such as Xerox in excess
of $US2.5m pa, attended trade shows and led seminar sessions for industry

I have managed American staff, sales, administration and development.

I initiated and designed the web site and created marketing collateral.

The primary corporate product is UnipriNT, a systems product consisting of over 1,000,000 lines of code. I created a position of Process Methodology Manager, reviewed all development processes and introduced Extreme Programming Methodologies.

I have travelled extensively world-wide and in particular in the USA.  Top

1997-1998 Independent Consultant

I am an active member of the iE3 Group Limited, a well established independent virtual company which I helped form. I provided much of the input into the formal documentation and working procedures of this virtual company.

Before that I consulted under a long term retainer to Fujitsu (NZ) Limited. I have a strong interest in Local Authority IT matters and have been a regular presenter at the annual ITMG conferences.

I have a substantial knowledge of public sector management and accounting. I was invited to speak at the working group of the Commonwealth Secretariat.

I delivered the IT paper for the MBA for the University of Otago.  Top

1991-1996 Assignments

  • Taught various courses for APIU; was trained in facilitating various Motorola Courses on TQM and business process management.
  • Systems review and procurement process for Tasman Express (shipping).
  • Review of the IT Strategic Plan of the Auckland City Council and conducted Information Awareness Seminars.
  • Government IT Systems for The Republic of Kiribati through the Asian Development Bank
  • Digital Equipment Corporation (NZ) Ltd: Review of IT Strategy (Internal Systems).
  • NZ Rail Limited: Audit of the evaluation process for an EDI systems strategy.
  • Fujitsu (Japan): Development of the specification for PEOPL – a proposed commercial 4GL with pervasive and object-oriented features.
  • Designed Time & Cost Billing System with a practice management component in New Zealand’s largest patent attorney practice.
  • Prepared ISO9000 process documentation for software development and assisted in selecting CASE tool for Fujitsu (NZ) Limited.
  • Lectured by invitation at the University of Auckland in Software Engineering to undergraduates and in the post-graduate Diploma of Business (IS) course. This unit was "The Management of IT".
  • Surveyed the computer industry in New Zealand on behalf of the Ministry of Commerce on Views on Government Policy on IT. Consequently I am familiar with the opinions of most senior leaders of the IT industry, some key users and government thinking.
  • Presented a seminar at the University of Auckland on the MIT program called "Management and IT in the 1990s".
  • I have prepared standards documents for software development.  Top

    1987-91 Managing Consultant of 5GL International Limited

    I owned and managed a software house developing in Informix 4GL under UNIX with a staff of 24.

    I designed and supervised the development of a major suite of innovative management financials incorporating EIS, Performance Measurement and Workflow features. My major clients were public sector bodies. Recently I have received unsolicited comments that the innovation in the suite was so forward thinking that it has given substantial advantage 12 years later to its users. This large project (now known as Corporate Vision) of over one million lines of code was purchased by Fujitsu (NZ) Limited.

    Other products were Professional Time-&-Cost and Records Management.

    Acted as an Expert Witness for several civil law cases. I have a detailed understanding of the law relating to software and contract negotiation.  Top

    1980-86 Independent Consultant

    Consulted to The Audit Office (operates within the Parliament) on the Report on Computing in the Public Sector; presented seminars on Computer Audit, Software Methodologies, Business Analysis, UNIX, Managing Computing etc; lectured at the University of Auckland in the Management Studies Department on Transaction Processing.  Top

    1978-80 J P Scott & Associates – Branch Manager

    I was manager of the Auckland branch which was built to 15 consultants.

    I established an education company as a subsidiary. ComEdCo taught systems analysis and COBOL.

    I also organised overseas speakers such as James Martin and Clive Finkelstein.

    I consulted in both clinical and administrative areas to the Department of Health.  Top

    1975-78 L D Nathan & Co Ltd – Systems Development Manager

    I managed over 50 staff in a corporate environment.  Top

    1972-75 Information & Management Sciences Ltd – Managing Director

    Developed software for law practices which was sold to a consortium of all the trading banks in New Zealand. This software generated revenue in excess of $10m per year for Databank.

    I developed software for the largest market research company in New Zealand hence I have detailed knowledge of market analysis techniques.  Top

    1969-1971 International Data Limited – General Manager

    With 51 staff I developed financials software for several large businesses such as Wilson and Horton Ltd.  Top

    1966-68 Mason Bros Limited – DP Manager

    I developed the computing operation for New Zealand’s largest engineering company.

    I helped in the calculations behind the Manapouri Hydro Power scroll casings – the largest steel rolling job ever completed in New Zealand.

    I was an early user of Project Management software and am very competent in PM.  Top

    1964-66 IBM World Trade Corp – Systems Engineer

    I was educated by the best computer and best marketing company in the world at that time. I have kept in touch with the editor of the IBM Systems Journal and remain familiar with the best of IBM.  Top