What Would Google Do?

Jeff Jarvis

A Book Review
Collins Business ISBN 978-0-06-170971-5

This Must Read book takes us through what is different about Google – its culture, its business model, its delivery mode, the new businesses its model enables and its future.

Above all this book explores the new business models that are truly web-enabled – not just using ICT for efficiency – but creating new opportunities.
The key concept is how Google sees its customers as partners and how businesses can have three parties rather than just two.
The open source or collaboration approach is explored.
The long tail market is enabled. Middlemen are doomed. Trust the People. Mobs form in a flash.
Then Jeff deals with Media, Advertising, Retail and many more . . . until we grapple with the Exceptions: PR, lawyers, Apple and God.

Every business person and student should read this book – if they hope to be profitable next year!