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Our Information Services Strategic Plan

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Our Information Services Strategy
 arises from our corporate culture,
 and staff competencies

 business strategy,
 business processes,
 and business organisation,

 enables innovation in our processes, organisation and our corporate strategy.Edit Add

This overview statement arises from the “Management in the 1990s” project of MIT (USA).

It reflects our belief the IS must be based on a corporate culture and strategy. It also states that changes to IS will affect and be affected by business processes and organisational structure.

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Mission Statement

A Mission Statement focuses on the organisation’s basic PURPOSE – the raison d’etre. The Mission Statement also identifies the broad customer base and the generic product or service area the organisation will operate within. The WHY ARE WE HERE question is answered.


To deliver web sites and SoftwareAsAService to New Zealand companies which meet their needs better than other software.


Who are our customers? They are those people or organisations to whom we deliver our products and services. Note that they receive the product directly from us. They may in turn deliver it to others. If in doubt look at the consumer or end-user and ask who is in our line-of-sight to them. The first person in the line is our customer.

We wish to satisfy the NEEDS of our customers. If their Wants are not NEEDS then we must work with our customers to help clarify their WANTS until they are abandoned or are promoted to NEEDS.

Indeed we expect to be proactive in inspiring them with innovative ideas on how they may exceed their customers expectations and, subject to careful analysis, anticipated customers needs.

Note that our PURPOSE is to empower our customers to deliver services to their customers.

We may deliver services through “no hands” facilities because our software is so easy to setup that customers can do it themselves.

Many of our services are infrastructural. Their purpose is to enable the customers to carry out their processes and to provide them with resources rather than inputs. We must consider issues such as flexibility and future-proofing. This will require consideration of alternatives and the potential cost of limiting our options.

While providing a stable and secure platform, we must also provide ad hoc capability.

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The team may take the Mission and restate it in a pithy and memorable form. In this form it may be on posters and bannered throughout the organisation. SUCCESS in achievement is identified.

Vision: Our customers say our software is so easy to use and it does everything we want it to do!

If the Vision can be stated in succinct form, it can be used as a slogan. In other contexts it can be stated in full.

Our Vision
Provide a computing environment that makes it easy for our customers to maintain, access and use all their information without needing us on a day-to-day basis.Edit Add

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