Big Switch

The Big Switch

Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google

Nicholas Carr

Autthor of “Does IT Matter?
A Book Review
W W Norton & Company Ltd
ISBN 978-0-393-06228-1

Just as Does IT Matter is a Must Read for management and in particular for all CIOs so is The BIg Switch.

The book starts by reviewing the history of electricity – from laboratory, to large generators, to large machines, to distribution networks, to homes, to appliances.
So ICT has advanced from laboratory, to mainframes, to minicomputers, to desktops, to networks and to netbooks.
Much can be learned by comparing these developments – as we advance into the ubiquitous network and connectivity from everywhere.
Desktop software is being displaced by Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing.
This raises issues such as dependency of network suppliers – not only physical reliability but confidence in the security and integrity of the network server administrators.
Nicholas Carr then works through the issues of the aggregation of personal network patterns, identity theft, fraud and other problems.
The major issue of legal jurisdiction is discussed.
Copyright and the future of newspapers are unresolved conundrums.
The problem of security of data on Blackberries and memory sticks remain outstanding.
In the last chapter the issue of how we may be controlled by computers – at first willingly by traffic lights – and other devices of modern living.
Finally the future of Artificial Intelligence is reviewed together with brain sensors and other ideas not long ago the domain of Science Fiction.
So the last chapter is called iGod.
I recommend this book!